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6 Advantages Of Consecutive Expository Preaching

This past week I’ve been re-reading the excellent book, Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching [affiliate link].

In the chapter by Derek Thomas entitled “Expository Preaching”, he states that what we need today is

“preaching that unpacks the Bible’s message and conveys a sense of the reality of God’s presence.”

He concludes that “only faithful expository preaching can do that.”

To help build his case, he suggests six advantages of consecutive expository preaching.

Expository preaching…

1. …introduces the congregation to the entire Bible.

2. …ensures that infrequently traveled areas of the Bible are covered.

3. …prevents preachers from unwittingly shaping the way their hearers read their Bibles.

4. …is the only preaching method that exposes a congregation to the full range of Scripture’s interests & concerns.

5. …provides variety to sustain a congregation’s interest from week to week.

6. …better than any method I know, aids preachers in thinking & preparing ahead.

I agree with what Derek Thomas sees as advantages of consecutive expository preaching. It especially helps free the preacher from what he calls the “tyranny of having to choose a text”. However, this method of preaching can be done poorly and to the detriment of a congregation’s spiritual health. You may remember last year Iain Murray shared some concerns with the sudden popularity of this method.

So, I’d love to hear from sermon listeners and preachers alike. What’s your experience with consecutive expository preaching? Does your minister [do you] preach using this method? Have you experienced the advantages listed above?

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