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Colin Buchanan – Christian Music for Kids

Colin Buchanan

It’s September, so that means it’s time for another “Colin Concert”.

Along with an excited group of kids with their mums and dads, my family and I went to see Colin Buchanan’s latest concert, God Rock. Seeing Colin perform tracks from his latest album has been an annual event for us since my oldest daughter was born 5 1/2 years ago. Maybe we missed one year, but I don’t recall.

In our household everyone knows who “Colin” is, and he features heavily on our lounge stereo and in the car.

Who’s Colin?

Colin Buchanan is an Aussie entertainer and songwriter. Children know him from his work on the Australian version of Playschool and Playhouse Disney. He’s well known in the country music scene not the least of which is due to having won seven Golden Guitar awards and written songs with some very notable country music artists.

Colin’s also a Christian…who prefers tulips over daisies. And his faith isn’t simply an appendix to his biography but has led him to use his giftedness for God’s glory by devoting a significant amount of time to producing Christian albums for kids and families.

Is he any good?

The question remains, “Is Colin’s music any good?”

The answer to that is a resounding YES. If I were to by-line Colin’s albums it would read something like this:

Christian children’s music minus the cheese!*

When it came to picking books and music for our children there was always a lot of sifting to be done. Many presents given to our girls by well intentioned but misinformed friends and family got “put away” because the content was par Biblical, or because the sound of it in my ears drove me to the brink of insanity.

Not so with Colin.

Biblically sound lyrics

Colin’s strong faith and solid Biblical foundation is reflected in all his songs.

His albums unpack the Gospel. They deal seriously with sin, repentance, and the sovereignty of God. You’ll even get catechism questions and memory verses thrown in. His Super Saviour album included a song entitled, “Big Words That End in Shun” (think justificashun, propitiashun and ressurectshun).

If this sounds a bit heavy-weight for kids then you’d be wrong. Colin’s music is fun. His concerts are a laugh. And if you get his DVD’s then you have to watch the bloopers reel.

Colin Buchanan is my first choice for Christian children’s music in this house.

Not just for Aussies

Is Colin only for little Aussie kids? No.

Have you heard of John Piper? He’s not an Aussie yet Colin has been let loose in his household.

Whether you feed them Vegemite or not, your kids will be blessed by Colin. And for a limited time there is free shipping to the USA if you order directly from

After hearing him perform some of the tracks today in concert, I’m off to buy his latest album, God Rock. Are you?


Here’s a link to a medley from his album, Super Saviour: PREVIEW (MP3)

Here’s a video clip I captured today of Colin performing some of his track “Super Chef”, complete with inflatable chef costume!

Closing thoughts

Colin’s an Aussie.
He’s fair dinkum.
He’s everyone’s mate.
And he tells people about the mate who sticks closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24)

If you’ve grown up with Colin, or you buy his books, CD’s, and DVD’s for your kids, please share your Colin story in the comments.

*When my wife read this she said Colin does feature a few “dad jokes“. So maybe there is a little cheese? As a dad who specialises in “dad jokes” I only see this as a positive! But rest assured, there is no Christian / theological cheese served with a meal of Colin.