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I’m Thankful The Gospel Isn’t A Stairway To Heaven

As most of this blog’s readers are offline celebrating Thanksgiving, I thought I’d do a re-post this week from earlier in the year.

English rock band Led Zeppelin wrote of a lady who was “buying a stairway to heaven.” Zeppelin’s lady was not the first, nor was she the last, to attempt such a purchase. However, the good news of the gospel is the very antithesis to any notion of works righteousness.

Rightly understanding the gospel is paramount, not just for non-Christians, but practically and daily for the Christian. I was left feeling so encouraged in the gospel this morning after reading some more of Mike Horton’s The Gospel-Driven Life, so here’s a small excerpt I pray will encourage you to:

“God does not simply create the gift and offer it to us, if we will only climb the stairway to heaven to get it; he brings it down to us, uncurls our ungrateful fingers, and places it in our hands. In our native works righteousness, we will always look for methods of pulling God down out of heaven or for bringing Jesus Christ up from the dead. The hardest thing in the world for us even as believers in Christ is to sit down and receive something. However, that is exactly what we have to do.” (p. 108, emphasis added)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful the gospel isn’t a stairway to Heaven.