Nathan W. Bingham
Connecting in a Hyper-Connected World

Life is but a Tweet

I had the burdensome responsibility of writing the words that would memorialize the life of a loved one—the words on their tombstone. It was a heavy responsibility because, at least from a human and earthly perspective, I was being asked to sum up a person’s life in what amounts to no more than a tweet. In this sense, cemeteries across the world serve as guardians protecting what is for many all that remains of their earthly life—those few words etched in stone.

I walked away from this experience thankful that I’m not responsible for writing my own tombstone. After reflecting on it, I still can’t decide what I would write—what would be my final tweet. Then pride filled me with despair as to what might be written by others. Loving husband or ungrateful husband? Loving father or distant father? An honest appraisal of my life is that of a sinner drowning in the sea of sin, desperately trying to fool onlookers that he can swim. I can’t. I need grace. I need Jesus. And so do you.

I walked away from this experience reminded afresh of where hope lay. Hope is not found in perfect prose on a tombstone, but in the perfect One who performed the perfect work. Jesus said, “It is finished.” Sweeter words had not before echoed through the cosmos. His mission was complete and it is in Him that His creatures should all trust.

Someday, someone will write your tombstone. And it will happen far sooner than you imagine. In life will you have trusted in the One who said, “It is finished”? In death will you hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Life is but a tweet.