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Prepare for the "Mega-Draw"

What is a “Mega-Draw” you may be asking?  Well, I’ve decided that a “Mega-Draw” is what occurs after two failed attempts to giveaway the major prize for my recent giveaway.  After announcing the original major prize winner; he failed to respond within 72-hours with his shipping details and hence forfeited his prize.  Later, I drew another name and he too did not respond with his shipping details, again forfeiting the prize.  This is highly unusual, yet I do wish to give the prize away.  Hence, we have a “mega-draw.”

Sometime on Wednesday the 7th of October (the Mega-Draw is now over) I will be drawing fifteen names from those who already entered the original giveaway.  I will then post their names here on the blog and the first to email me (email[at]nwbingham[dot]com)* after their name appears on the blog with their shipping details will receive the following major prize:

Major Prize

1 x Black Genuine Leather ESV Study Bible (valued at almost $100)
1 x Romans by R. C. Sproul (not yet released)

So be sure to be frequently visiting here** on Wednesday 7th of October (Pacific Time, GMT -08:00) to see if your name has been drawn in the “Mega-Draw.”

Again, I congratulate Jonathan Girotti who was announced as the winner of the minor prize (1 x Romans by R. C. Sproul).

* Please replace ‘[at]’ with ‘@’ and ‘[dot]’ with ‘.’

** There can be up to a 30 minute delay on RSS feeds and email subscribers are only notified once daily when something new is posted, therefore for this post I will not be autoposting to my Twitter account to ensure no one has an advantage.