Nathan W. Bingham
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Should We Thank God For Technology?

I recently had the opportunity to interview a man whom most of you will have never heard of, but the fruit of whose labor almost all of you enjoy on a weekly—if not daily—basis. That man is Gary Starkweather, a Christian, and the inventor of the laser printer.

Here’s one of the questions I asked him, followed by his response:

Nathan W. Bingham: Is it a right response to thank God for technology? Is God at work in Silicon Valley?

Gary Starkweather: There are some wonderful Christians and churches in Silicon Valley. When one thinks of how the world has changed in just my lifetime it is hard not to thank God for His gifts of creative people and companies. My son, who is a doctor, says that everyone longs for “the good old days” but not when it comes to medicine. There are not many things someone can think of that they would give up to go back to 1945. Give up the computer? Airconditioning? The modern car? Joint replacement therapy? Modern medicine? Modern agriculture? Air travel? Modern communication, including cell phones, etc.? I don’t think so. We may misuse or overuse some of these things but abandoning them would be truly silly. As long as technology is not seen as our “savior” we are OK. As a way to make our lives better, technology is fine. I truly believe that God’s grace in providing us companies and people who have come up with great inventions and products are a blessing from the Creator. It is sad that God is not, in our present era, given the credit for making us in His image. We need to live more and more coram Deo.

Take time to thank God today for some of the technological innovation that blesses your daily life. Then read my interview, “A Christian in Silicon Valley: An Interview with Gary Starkweather,” in its entirety over at the Ligonier Ministries Blog. I really appreciated Gary Starkweather’s insights.