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The Best iPhone / iPad App For Tracking Your Bible Reading

If you’ve used a Bible reading plan, especially one that requires you to read from multiple books of the Bible, you’ve probably discovered it can be hard to track your progress.

I’ve tried bookmarks in the past.
Then my daughters take them out and/or moved them around my Bible.

I’ve tried a small printed chart kept in the cover of my Bible.
Then I want to do some reading on my iPhone and I can’t record my progress.
Then six months into a plan I always (somehow) lose my chart.

The solution I found is using an iPhone and iPad app called, ReadingPlan.

ReadingPlan Description

ReadingPlan“ReadingPlan helps you track your progress as you read through the Bible. You can start a plan at any time, progressing at your own rate or on the schedule dictated by the plan.”

ReadingPlan Features

Bible Reading Plans

Almost any Bible reading plan you can think of is available to download right to your device. Even Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System! If your plan isn’t available, you can create your own or request the app author to do it for you. I’ve sent him requests in the past and each time he has implemented them really quickly.

If you’re looking for a Bible reading plan to use, check the list I compiled here.

Bible Link

ReadingPlan can be linked with your favorite native or online Bible app. When you click a day’s reading it will automatically open it for you.

Sync / Share Progress

ReadingPlan can sync your Bible reading progress with multiple devices. For example, on both your iPhone and iPad.

ReadingPlan can privately share your progress with another person to help keep you accountable and encouraged in your daily reading.

Archiving Progress

ReadingPlan can archive your current progress to allow multiple people to track their own reading plan on the one device, or to keep a history of your reading on different reading plans.

ReadingPlan has an option to transfer your archived progress from one plan to another. Changing Bible reading plans in the middle of the year doesn’t mean starting back in Genesis!


ReadingPlan can push you notifications to remind you to do your reading.


ReadingPlan is FREE.

Design Philosophy

Simple. Minimal. It just works.

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