Nathan W. Bingham
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The State of my "Microblog" and the Blogosphere

Since moving to this new format several months ago I’ve learned many things (some of which I may post about another time). I’ve slowly moved the sites focus and attempted to align it more centrally with what I’m thinking, doing, reading, and experiencing. I’ve not done this because I believe there is anything particularly interesting about “me” but more so to encourage transparency. I’m not using this domain to manipulate readership growth, or supplement an income, so I don’t see the need to force my writing and microblogging to a particular niche.

That said, I’m also convinced more and more each day that I am unworthy of offering comment yet alone writing full articles. There is so much God glorifying, theological rich, Bible saturated and history attested material, that I’d rather post a quote from a book and pray the Lord blesses you instead of attempting to “re-invent the wheel.”

This move has cost me readers. A lot of those readers were “dead” anyway and had only subscribed to enter give-aways. Some were not. It has brought along new readers and new commenters. You’ve had a chance to see a fuller picture of who I am. My workload has been reduced “online” and has allowed me to do more where I am needed most…”offline.” The biggest downside I’ve seen since the move is interaction on comments; my intereaction. Posterous is not the best in that area nor is it anything like WordPress was.

So that’s a quick update on the state of my “microblog” (from my perspective anyway) and now you may be interested in Trevin Wax’s thoughts on the state of the “blogosphere” in general. He has some interesting thoughts and has made some interesting observations.

I look forward to seeing what happens in 2010. As always, there are a lot of ideas ticking over inside my head.