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Tune in to Sola 5 Radio

I’m a frequent listener of Covenant Radio. I’ve mentioned previously that they have launched a new venture, Sola 5 Radio. I’ve not tuned in much as streaming internet radio station doesn’t fit well with my lifestyle; however, for many it would. Regrettably, it appears that those who would be able to take advantage of this have not noticed the launch of Sola 5 Radio or haven’t bothered to tune in yet.

From all accounts this venture appears to be a unique and beneficial offering to the Body of Christ. However, if there is not a significant increase in listeners it will be closing down. Todd Pedlar writes:

If we don’t get substantially more listeners than we have now, we’re going to have to pull the plug. Bill has just started seminary full time, and I, as a college professor, really don’t have much time at all to devote to this project – though I have put in some and would love to continue, if it seems worthwhile. At this point, with only a couple listeners online apart from Bill and me, both of us are fairly well convinced that it’s not.

Please show your support of Sola 5 Radio.

You can download the programming guide, tune in via your browser, or listen via iTunes.