Nathan W. Bingham
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A Profoundly Simple Truth

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Monday night during family worship I read Psalm 17:6a

“I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God…”

After reading this verse I asked my three girls, “Why do we pray?”

When I ask them questions during family worship their answers vary greatly. They’re ages are five, three, and two. Occasionally an answer will be deep and insightful, other times it will be the standard Sunday school answer of “Jesus,” and still other times I’ll get a reference to lollies (candy) and toy dolls.

This night the answer was deep and insightful. It was at the same time profoundly simple.

My five year old daughter answered, “Because God is God.”

I was struck by her answer. It physically stopped me.

I was expecting an answer along the lines of, “because God will answer us.” But it goes deeper than that. God will answer us because God is God.

We spent the rest of our time discussing her answer as a family. “God is God” is the reason we pray, the reason we worship, the reason we breathe, and why we can be saved.

Life Can Be Overwhelming…Except.

When I reflected back on 2011 on New Years Eve I recalled a year of many changes—a year with highs and lows.

When I look forward to 2012 I see many new opportunities for which I’m thankful. However, I do expect to conclude the year noting—like 2011—my share of highs and lows.

As I look at the papers on my desk, the notes of things to do on my whiteboard, and the meetings and appointments in my calendar, I’m reminded there are a lot of things happening in my life right at this moment. And I’m sure there are for you too.

For many Christians, getting too reflective can all be quite overwhelming…except for one profoundly simple truth: God is God.

He is in control. This is His story. He is our Shepherd. And we can trust Him because He is God.

A Two Sided Coin

Interestingly, at the same time that these three words offer comfort to the Christian, they should bring terror to the non-Christian. As Michael Horton reminds us, “God saved us from himself…”

Time to Chew

As you can see, there is much meat in these three words. I’ve been chewing on them for the last 24 hours. So I leave them with you to ponder today in whatever situation you happen to find yourself in.