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Be Humble Blogmeisters! That Includes Me Too.

I get nervous when I blog, and I’m very cautious when I comment. Am I in the minority in the blogosphere? According to Carl Trueman I might be. Over at Creed:or:Chaos, Joshua paraphrases Carl Trueman’s thoughts on blogging when he says:

Do not pretend like you are a scholar when you are not, and do not perpetuate the democratization of ignorance. If you do, do not expect anybody to listen to your blogic. Be humble. Think twice (no thrice) before you type. Just because you have the right to speak, does not mean that you have a right to be heard.

This charge is fair. I laughed as I read the above paragraph as you’ll often hear me saying very similar things to my wife in response to blog posts and comments I read online.

Believe me, I’m not an authority and I’ve been guilty as charged! I take this as a humble reminder; maybe you should too?

Update: “Blogmeisters” was a label supplied by Carl Trueman.