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BibleWorks 8 Bulk Purchase – Discount Price

If you don’t already own BibleWorks 8 then the following offer may be of interest to you. I have no idea how the logistics of it all would work out, so proceed at your own caution and direct any queries to the name mentioned below:

The Seminary Student Council is organizing a group purchase of BibleWorks 8.  Individually, this software costs $350, but if we can get 10 or more people to buy it the price goes down to $250.  This is an incredible bargain for the premier original languages software available on the PC.  If you have any questions about the value of this software you can ask any of your professors and they will tell you.

You may wonder why you would want this if you already own a copy of Logos.  The answer is that the two software packages serve different purposes.  Logos does a very good job of quickly searching through a library of books, but it does not do nearly as well with the languages.  Anyone who plans on using the original languages in his ministry will be glad that he took advantage of this offer.  It will definitely help with Greek and Hebrew exegesis classes and will provide you with tools to keep using the languages after you leave seminary.

If you are interested in participating in this or if you have any questions please email Jason Chamberlain at