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Calling All Americans and Australians…I Need Your Help

It’s Friday morning here in Melbourne, Australia, and in only three “sleeps” my family will be getting on a plane and flying to Florida (details here). Our home has been vacated and cleaned, and for the next few days we’re living with my Mum (Mom) and Dad.

I Need Your Help

Americans: I’ll be touching down on your soil very soon. What am I to expect? Should I expect this when I leave the airport?

I’ll be meeting lots of new people, so what’s your greeting etiquette? If I’m trading in Vegemite for something American, what do you suggest?

What I’m really asking for is that in the comments you leave me with the essential guide to America. Easy, right?

Australians: I’ll be leaving the land “girt by sea” next Monday. I’ve traded my kangaroo in for my flight to Florida, and I’ve given my brother-in-law my trusty BBQ. But I fear I’m forgetting some Aussie essentials.

What should I do one last time simply because I’m an Aussie. What are some iconic Aussie things I should try and bring in a suitcase to show my new American friends? I’m bringing some money. I hear Americans are fascinated by our colourful, plastic cash. What else?

What I’m really asking for is that in the comments you leave me with the essential stereotypical guide to Australia.

All Of You: I was listening to Tim Challies discuss being an introvert this week. It reminded me. I’m going to be meeting a lot of new people—work colleagues, friends from other ministries, readers of this blog, followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc. People are already letting me know they’ll say “Hi” when I’m at Ligonier’s National Conference, Together for the Gospel, or Band of Bloggers.

Do you have any practical advice? After all, I already know the other 14 people who live in Australia. How will I survive the increase in population?

There is a small amount of tongue-in-cheek expressed in this post.