Nathan W. Bingham
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Christianity = “A Personal Relationship with God”

How many times have you heard a sincere Christian try to explain to an unbeliever that Christianity is all about having “a personal relationship with God”? Well, as sincere as that may be, it is simply not the case and is a distortion of the truth. Michael Horton (I know I’ve already quoted him this week, but this is the problem with reading a good book) aptly puts it this way:

“It is simply not true that unbelievers do not have a personal relationship with God. Paul here in Romans 1 says they do! It is not just that God’s existence can be discerned by his works, but that everyone already knows God – at least as judge. “So they are without excuse” (Rom. 1:20). It is precisely because unbelievers–even professing atheists–do have a personal relationship with God that, as creatures obligated to keep his law, they are under his wrath.”

Quote by Michael Horton, taken from The Gospel-Driven Life (p. 53)