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Classic Horton – Heretical TV Preachers

I was browsing some videos online and I stumbled across some classic Horton from the early 90’s. In the videos below Horton exposes the errors of “word of faith” prosperity preachers and other heretical teachers based on the book he edited, The Agony of Deceit. I wasn’t aware of this book and am intending on buying a copy.

You can watch the videos in the series at the following links:

Agony of the Health & Wealth Gospel #1: Historical Roots of This False Religion
Charlatan TV Preachers “Little gods?”: Touch Not the Annointed gods
Miracles for Money by Phoney TV Preachers Such as Robert Tilton
Cult of the Televangelists Such as Benny Hinn & Kenneth Copeland
Negating Positive Confession Heresy Created by Money Making TV Preachers

I’ve only watched one so far; has anyone read this book or watched this when it originally aired?