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Communicating with Post Moderns

I was referred to two lectures today delivered by Ted Donnelly earlier this year at the Trinity Baptist Pastors’ Conference.  I’ve just listened to both lectures consecutively and have been immensely blessed.  Donnelly’s two lectures were entitled Communicating with Post Moderns and provide both a helpful survey of postmodern thinking as well as practical exhortation as to how the church should respond.  He not only warns against ignoring the culture we live in all together whilst at the same time he confronts the subtle compromises he sees within the church and the blatant error of those in the emergent church movement.

One of my favourite lines from his lectures was when he said:

“We reach people because we’re different from them…because when they come in there’s a sense of awe, and reverence, and the transcendence of God, and holy fear.”

You can listen to both lectures by following the links below:

Communicating with Post Moderns – Part 1

Communicating with Post Moderns – Part 2