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God – The Only True “Seeker”

In some churches every effort is made not to offend or frighten off the seekers. Often the gospel is truncated. Sin is down played. Eternal punishment is left out of the sermon. The holiness of God is side stepped. Repentance is morphed into a simple tick of a decision card, or a walk down an isle. This is not true in every case, but is is true in many.

This movement is known as the seeker sensitive movement, and it’s a movement focused on a group of people who don’t exist.

Consider Romans 3

“There is none who seeks after God.” (Romans 3:11b)

Well that was easy. So, when the seeker sensitive movement read Romans 3 they decided to scrap their methods, right? Sadly not.

God is the only true “seeker”

Over the past weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time meditating upon our total inability to seek God and embrace the gospel before His saving intervention in our lives. As I’ve reflected on this, and particularly upon God’s work in making dead sinners alive together with Christ, it’s dawned on me … God is the only true “seeker”.

Consider the following

If God did not seek us, we would have never sought Him!

Ironically, the seeker sensitive movement has not been sensitive to the Seeker at all. Rather, they have pushed Him aside and elevated man in His place.

Here is a helpful clip from R.C. Sproul and Albert Mohler discussing the seeker sensitive movement.

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