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How To Open A New Book

I stumbled upon these vital instructions for new book owners that date back to as early as 1895. Be sure to read William Matthews’ story at the bottom of the image.

How To Open A New Book

I’ve known both kinds of people. Those who carefully follow the above instructions, and those who brutally destroy their beloved books.

I think I fall into a third category; I attempt to care for my books, am too impatient to follow the above steps, and inevitably end up brutally destroying my beloved books.

The moral stated in the graphic is:

“Even a well-bound book may be easily ruined at the first opening.”

I think there’s another moral to be found: buy a Kindle and never brutally destroy a beloved book again!

So, what’s the condition of your library? Lovingly cared for, brutally destroyed, or have you gone digital?

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