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If God is Sovereign, Why Pray in 2012?

Even though prayer for the Christian should be as natural as breathing, we often struggle with it.

One struggle I’ve heard from more than one Christian is the tension between God’s sovereignty and the efficacy of prayer.

“If God is sovereign,” they ask, “why pray?” Or more accurately put, “If God is sovereign, why bother praying?”

Haven’t you asked that question before? I know I have.

Don’t feel bad about asking the question, it’s a fair question to ask. But it is a question that needs to be answered. If not, it’ll lead to discouragement in your prayer life and not only will you miss out on a treasure of the Christian life, you’ll be disobeying God’s Word (Eph. 6:18).

Here’s two resources to help:

Firstly, R.C. Sproul has a free lecture answering this very question, and I’ve embedded the video below. It is well worth your time to listen to it.

Secondly, John Calvin offers 6 Reasons Prayer Is Necessary in this blog post from earlier this year.

As you look to the New Year—possibly selecting a Bible Reading Plan for 2012—remember to also consider afresh the importance of prayer.

I’m seeking to pray more in 2012, are you?