Nathan W. Bingham
Connecting in a Hyper-Connected World

Is Christianity a Crutch?

…Greg Koukl says it is. He thinks Atheism is a crutch as well. The question he leaves his readers is this:

“We all need a crutch. The questions is, are you using a crutch that will hold you?”

As I considered this, my first thought was that I’d prefer to think of Christianity as a stretcher for a dead man rather than a crutch. Then I thought maybe a defibrillator that brings people back from the dead. I then ended with the thought that Christianity is more akin to a life-support machine. If the switch was flicked and I was no longer “connected” then I’d be without hope and would run head long into Hell.

I’m thankful not only for the work of Christ in His earthly ministry, but for His ongoing work now as He intercedes for me. Without the daily intercession of Christ my life-support machine would be turned off.

Metaphors are never perfect, but what are your thoughts? Is Christianity a crutch?