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Is Your Faith Profane?

R.C. Sproul references Martin Luther in his commentary [affiliate link] on John 17:15.

Martin Luther said that Christianity has to be a “profane faith.” The word profane literally means “out of the temple.” Luther meant that the church is not to spend all of its time gathered together in a “holy huddle,” basking in the glory of God. Yes, there are to be times of worship and fellowship, but then we are to go back into the world, where we are to bear witness to the glory of Christ. (pp.325-6)

Here are two symptoms of a faith that isn’t profane:

Secluded from the world

As R.C. Sproul says above, we can live in “holy huddles” secluded from the world. It is very easy for those we have in our homes to only be other Christians. When, by necessity, we venture into the world we find ourselves looking for the local Christian hairdresser, mechanic or real estate agent, etc.

Our faith is no longer profane as it’s kept back in the temple.

Silent in the world

However, we can live the opposite kind of life. Unbelievers often sit around our dinner table. Our friends are a blend of Christian and unbeliever. We use the same unbelieving hairdresser and mechanic in order to build relationships. We regularly eat and drink at the same place, and we’ve joined a local sport team or community group. But, we never speak about Jesus.

We might be in the world, but our faith is no longer profane as it’s kept back in the temple.

I confess, my faith isn’t profane enough. Is yours?

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