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Live Taping of the White Horse Inn (Feb 12th, 2010)

Kim Riddlebarger announced that there will be a live taping of the White Horse Inn this Friday (12th Feb.). I was blessed watching the last video the team did together so I’m hoping they make this video available for download as well. Here’s is what they’ll be discussing:

Live taping and Q&A regarding the topic of “Contending for the Faith” – How did the apostles contend for the faith in the book of Acts?  Did they appeal to the practical benefits of living life Jesus’ way?  Did they share their testimonies or inner experiences?  Did they encourage bland faith?  On this special live edition of White Horse Inn, the hosts will walk through the apologetic sermons in the book of Acts in order to discover the proper way to both defend, and contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.

You can find all the details (it’s free to attend) here.