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Looking for the "Old" Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

Update: Given the difficulty I had in finding cheap copies of the volumes I needed, I decided to return the volumes I had. If anyone has a complete 2nd hand set I would be interested in purchasing it. Thanks for the emails and contact I received from several of you offering suggestions.

I have a lot of the “old” Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries and was wanting to complete the set. I know they’ve released a revised edition, but I cannot afford to purchase a whole new set and I’d like all the green covers to match. I’ve realised that is is probably going to get harder and harder to find new or good condition second-hand editions, so I thought I’d put the call out.

Do you know where I can get (shipped to Australia) or do you have (which you could ship to Australia) these volumes of the “old” Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series?

If it is at a very good price (a price matching a full-time seminary student) I’d even consider buying a complete set if you’d like to get a whole set off your hands. I don’t have much to spend and I’ve seen new volumes of remaining stock being sold at places for $7 (AUD) and the new revised edition is retailing at around $15 so I’m not interested in Amazon sellers trying to palm off copies for four-times the “for new” price.

Thanks fellow readers!