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Mega-Draw: ESV Study Bible & Sproul's 'Romans'

Welcome to the “Mega-Draw” for this wonderful major prize generously supplied by Crossway:

Major Prize

1 x Black Genuine Leather ESV Study Bible (valued at almost $100)
1 x Romans by R. C. Sproul (not yet released)

Congratulations to the following fifteen people.  Your names were drawn in the “Mega-Draw” and the first valid entry to email me (email[at]nwbingham[dot]com)* with your shipping details will win the major prize.


Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway and to all who faithfully read my micro-blog.  I look forward to announcing the winner shortly.

* Please replace ‘[at]’ with ‘@’ and ‘[dot]’ with ‘.’


Congratulations Russ Reeves, the winner of the major prize!