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Melburnians on the Afterlife

A Melburnian is someone from Melbourne.

Last week ministry candidates and some faculty from the Presbyterian Theological College (PTC) spent a week door-knocking and a speaking with people in the community about Jesus Christ. Jared Hood, a lecturer from the PTC, blogged what he found were the most common beliefs held.

  1. they are going to heaven – even the athiests;
  2. they get to heaven by being good;
  3. they have done bad, but the good outweighs the bad;
  4. that God agrees with their view of things.

These erroneous beliefs are nothing knew and won’t be surprising to many of you. However, it’s important that we’re reminded so we don’t neglect to clearly explain “the doctrines of the atonement, justification and assurance” as they “are still as vital and relevant as ever!”

Update: For those interested, Jared Hood has posted two other updates on the Mission Week he was involved in (here & here).