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More Discussion On Preaching

I have appreciated the articles that have been posted of late challenging preachers in the area of preaching. Iain Murray offered some cautions, and then Anthony Selvaggio asked, “Are You Preaching To People?” Well today, Iain Campbell gives some thoughts on pulpit methodology and prods at the ‘sacred calf’ of consecutive preaching in the style of Calvin or Lloyd-Jones.

I’ll say again as I’ve done in my other posts. I appreciate that men are writing on the subject of preaching. You may disagree with some of their conclusions, but these men are not advocating a lower form of preaching; they’re genuinely calling their fellow labourers to better preaching in the pulpit.

Campbell concludes with two things that he is firmly committed to, and I’ll quote him in full.

At last, I know that I am committed to two things: to a stand-alone sermon, and to a Christ-exalting sermon. The first is necessary because it is just possible that someone may wander into church, not having heard the gospel before, and hearing it now for the first and last time. In that case, it will not do simply to refer to last week’s sermon, or anticipate next week’s. Each sermon must be a study in itself, a complete unit, which can be transported out of the church and into the life of the hearer.

But the second is equally necessary, because Christ is the theme of every part of Scripture. If my sermons do not exalt and speak of him, then no methodology will remedy that most glaring omission of all.

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