Nathan W. Bingham
Connecting in a Hyper-Connected World – For The URLs I’ve Shortened

If you’re reading this then you know I call my Twitter account (@NWBingham) my ‘firehose’. I post a weekly summary here, ‘From the Firehose’, which features some of the top tweets of that week. To my suprise Erik Raymond aka Irish Calvinist, was gracious enough to give me a shout-out on Twitter. He encouraged his Twitter followers to follow my account as it…

“…brings the internet to you and saves you time.” (tweet)

Erik’s summary is basically what I attempt to do. Each day I schedule what I consider the best (and sometimes worst) of Christian resources, and other selections from my other interests. I’ve written before on how I use social media here.

With so many links being tweeted and shared between Twitter and Facebook each day, and with the increasing popularity of short-URLs, yesterday I decided to begin using my own.

Meet is a private URL shortening domain. No one else can shorten an URL using that domain. If you see short-URL flying through cyber space with at the beginning, you can have confidence that it’s a link I wanted to share. No viruses. No hacking. No malware. After being live for only 24 hours it has already served over 1,400 clicks.

Presently there is, and Individuals like Mark Colvin from ABC Radio here in Australia have their own shortening domain (, and now there is

If you’re not sure what a short-URL looks like, here is the short-URL to this blog post:

I hope the resources I share through do indeed “bring the internet to you and saves you time”.

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