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Only The Gospel Leads To Joyous Obedience

Only The Gospel Leads To Joyous Obedience

Without the Gospel I fear to obey.

Without the Gospel the Law paralyses me daily.

Without the Gospel I know my imperfect obedience will bring with it a curse.

But with the Gospel I’m capable of joyous obedience.

John Calvin illustrates:

“Those bound by the yoke of the law are like servants assigned certain tasks for each day by their masters. These servants think they have accomplished nothing, and dare not appear before their masters unless they have fulfilled the exact measure of their tasks. But sons, who are more generously and candidly treated by their fathers, do not hesitate to offer them incomplete and half-done and even defective works, trusting that their obedience and readiness of mind will be accepted by their fathers, even though they have not quite achieved what their fathers intended. Such children ought we to be, firmly trusting that our services will be approved by our most merciful Father, however small, rude, and imperfect these may be.” – John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (Book 3, Chapter XIX)