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Some Interesting Thoughts On Redemptive Historical Preaching

…are being aired over at Reformation 21.

Carl Trueman begins:

“If the game is simply to get from Text A to Bethlehem, what do you do with a book like Judges? Preach 200 sermons which essentially say `This judge failed; but, surprise surprise, there is a judge who didn’t fail; let’s talk about him, shall we?’ ? This scarcely does justice to the richness of the text or produces the kind of preaching that equips the people of God to be the people of God.”

Sean Lucas responds:

“I’m pretty content to run week-by-week to Bethlehem and Calvary–whether I’m preaching Colossians or Exodus (as I’m right now). Because it is only as I preach Christ from whatever text I come across do I remain faithful to my calling as a Gospel minister.”

Oh, Carl Trueman doesn’t disagree with Sean Lucas’ response, but…

I’m finding this exchange particularity interesting as I’m currently in the study working away at a sermon on Genesis 27.