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Thankful for the Geelong Bible Conference 2010

…it was great.

Ted Donnelly brought some hard hitting yet encouraging messages as he looked at the growing church in the Book of Acts. As well as meeting and having a photo taken with Ted Donnelly, I was also able to meet the armchair-political-commentator-extraordinaire Stephen McDonald. Stephen joined me tweeting most of the sessions using the #gbc2010 hash-tag. He also has leant me several volumes of The Confessional Presbyterian. The journal is beautifully produced (typeset) and I’ve begun to dig in already.

One attendee, Jeanne, has compiled the tweets and added some of her own. At the end of her post she makes an observation about me:

“I met him in real life at the conference. He was actually rather nice – and not really geekish at all!! Clever, but not geekish. Nice.”

Still not sure if that’s a compliment or not? 😉

Well, I’m exhausted so I am off to bed. For those that like Twitter you may enjoy the new design over at Tweology (don’t forget to follow @tweology if you’re not already).