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The Cross-Centeredness of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Yesterday, I shared on the Christ-centeredness of John Calvin. Today, I’d like to share a quote from Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

This quote focuses more on the work of Christ and reflects the cross-centeredness of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The Cross by Martyn Lloyd-Jones“Do not tell me about your good works, I am not interested. Do not tell me you are a church member, I am not a bit interested. Are you glorying in the cross? Is this everything to you? Is this life to you? Are you ready to die rather than deny this glorious message? That is what a Christian is, and unless we glory in the cross we have not seen it and what it means, and if we have not seen it, we do not really believe in it. And if we do not believe in it, we are yet in our sins, and should we die like that, we will go to judgement and we will go to hell. Your eternal, everlasting destiny, depends upon this one thing. Have you seen that God has provided there the only way whereby you can be forgiven and become a child of God, and go on to inherit the glories of eternity? May God have mercy upon us all, and by his Spirit open our eyes to see the glory of the cross.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Cross (p. 83)

Do you glory in the cross?