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The Gospel – The Doctrine I Struggle The Most To Believe

For those not following Tweology, each week there is a “Tweology Challenge”. This week’s challenge asked:

What Christian doctrine do you believe but struggle the most to believe and why?

There were many interesting responses to that question. Topics included:

Despite the validity of the above doctrines and others, there’s a sense, for example, where I can understand why a holy God would send rebellious and wicked creatures to a place of eternal conscious punishment. Furthermore, there’s also a sense where I expect nothing else from God than that He be totally sovereign, after all, He is God. The doctrine I most struggle to believe isn’t amongst those listed nor is it amongst the minutiae of theology. The doctrine I struggle the most to believe is the good news…the Gospel!

How could a Holy God ever set His love upon wicked sinners? Nothing compelled Him. He was self-sufficient in and of Himself. We all deserve Hell and He is just when He sends us there.

By the grace of God and the enabling of His Spirit I do believe that the God-man suffered in the place of wicked men, died and then rose again, ascended to the right-hand of the Father, and now intercedes on behalf of sinners as their Great High Priest. Yet, every fibre of my sinful being wants to deny my need for that Great Saviour, at every turn whispering that there is power in my “good” works, and in the words of Frank Sinatra, that I can do it “my way”. It’s a lie. I do need Him. My “good” works are nothing but filthy rags. Hell is the destination at the end of “my way”.

I thank God that He did indeed die for sinners and that I do believe it. I’m freely justified on account of Christ.

“’Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life…'” – John 6:68b

Do you believe the good news of what God has done in the person of Jesus Christ? If not, repent and believe it today. Then find a church where you’ll hear this good news proclaimed from the Word of God each and every week.